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We are leaders among New York estate planning attorneys with our presence in all 5 boroughs of New York City. Services we offer cover all areas and aspects of estate planning from drafting wills, trusts and probates to working with beneficiaries in interstate and international estate cases. If you are looking for a qualified assistance in your estate planning, we are the best estate planning attorneys in New York.
Our major goal is to look out for our clients’ needs ensuring that they receive the right legal representation due in all areas of estate planning taking into careful consideration the specifics of each client’s situation. Our estate planning attorneys have over 10 years of estate planning practice in New York and offer an individualized approach crafted for each client’s estate planning needs. We are the right estate attorneys’ firm if you seek reliable, professional legal representation in estate planning matters in New York with the individualized focus on your needs.

Best Estate Planning Services in New York. Qualified assistance from the best estate planning attorneys in New York.

Our estate planning attorneys specialize in all areas of Estate Planning Law with over 10 years of professional experience in handling matters of Trusts, Wills, Elder Law and Medicaid in the five boroughs of New York City. We will offer the best estate planning options and tools available – from drafting wills and trusts, estate plans of various complexity to protect your assets with respect and attention to your estate planning situation.

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We pride ourselves in offering a quality and cost-effective service to our clients. We value our clients’ time and money!

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We keep an open dialog with our clients as we believe in straightforward communication with our clients providing a clear and pragmatic advice in their estate planning situation.

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Our attorneys offer 10 years of their experience in the all aspects of the estate planning in New York and furnish an individualized plan to service each client’s needs.

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Find the Best Estate Planning Attorneys in New York for your Estate Planning Needs!

Shopping for the Estate Planning Attorney in New York? Look no further! We have a wide spectrum of services available to meet each client’s needs. We pride ourselves in delivering outstanding quality services in matters of estate planning with major focus on the Trusts, Estates, Elderly areas of the Law with over 10 years of experience representing individuals, couples and families, partnerships and other entities as well as beneficiaries and trustees in various estate planning proceedings protecting our clients’ estate interests.
Operating with utmost integrity and attention to the specific needs of our clients in New York we accompany our clients on this important journey assisting in the most important decision they will ever make for themselves and their dear ones. Our attorneys are offering their knowledge, insight and experience to deliver the best service ensuring that each client’s needs are properly met.
As your estate planning attorneys in New York, our ultimate goal is to protect your estate and save you money from court and legal fees to estate taxes offering no hidden fees and taking into consideration all possible court fees, taxes (including both federal and state) and potential creditor claims and will contests. We examine your estate situation carefully to determine the best estate instrument available to protect you from unnecessary financial burden.


We take pride in our work and approach each client with the highest degree of professionalism offering our advice based on our in-depth research of each client’s individual situation. Our clients trust us for providing an exemplary service in matters of estate planning in New York.


With offices in five boroughs of New York City we meet your estate planning needs no matter where you are.


With the 10-year estate planning experience we offer a solid expertise in various aspects on the estate law taking care of the multitude of matters dealing with estates, trusts and wills in all five boroughs of New York City.


To get a great relationship with clients you not only have to be a good attorney, but you have to be a good listener. In order to be a good estate planning attorney in Brooklyn or elsewhere you need to be kindhearted and understanding. We take pride in developing generational relationships with our clients and becoming a part of their families.


We believe in building strong client relations and place a strong emphasis on cultivating a long-term professional relationship with our clients providing them with encompassing support and advice in matters of estate planning.


We take great pride in transparent communication with our clients from the very beginning of our professional relationship. We are trusted by our clients in carrying an open dialog about our service fees offering competitive pricing and comprehensive invoices.

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Step 2 – Analysis

After the first phone interview your situation is further thoroughly examined by a team of our legal experts to find the optimal legal instruments applicable to your situation.

Step 3 – Review

To ensure the best possible outcome your situation undergoes an additional screening for all potential conflicts of interests. After the receipt of the clearance we reach out to you with our proposal.

Step 4– Work Process

We believe in open communication offering our clients constant updates and engaging them in the work process by encouraging them to share their feedback about their work experience with us.

Step 5 – Results

We are proud of delivering the results according to our agreement with our clients.

1. Communication with the client.

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2. Problem analysis

After providing legal advice and analysis of your documents.

3. Performance of work

The work process of our company’s specialists is based on complete transparency and constant informing of the client.

4. Positive result

After the court has satisfied your claims

5. Your rating, our work

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Frequently Asked Questions

If a person wishes to avoid legal hustle for their loved ones and be sure that their estate and assets are distributed according to their wishes, one may want to have a will in place.
In legal terms, probate or proof of a Will is a legal procedure which determines the validity of a document as a person’s Will.
All probate matters are handled by the Surrogate’s Court located in each county in the state.
To ensure that your will is protected against any possible legal challenges involving a long, costly and emotionally strenuous process for your loved ones, one is strongly advised to seek professional legal assistance.
In short, yes. But filing a petition to contest the validity of one’s Will is a challenging enterprise which requires professional legal assistance in order to build a strong case to be properly presented it in the Surrogate’s Court of your county.